Development of Resources on Aboriginal Two Spirit People and Domestic Violence

This project will design fact sheets on Aboriginal Two Spirit (inclusive of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans) domestic violence through a series of focus groups with Aboriginal Two Spirit community members. A consultant and an advisory committee will organize and analyse the data to create the fact sheets.

By June 30, 2006, to design, develop and disseminate a series fact sheets on domestic violence issues as they uniquely impact on Aboriginal Two Spirit people. This project will enable us to actively outreach victims of Aboriginal Two Spirit domestic violence in the hopes that they will seek services to change their circumstances and/or seek counselling to address their domestic violence issues.

Aboriginal Two Spirit victims of domestic violence will benefit by participating in the focus groups and by reintroduction to services at 2 Spirits. They will also work in collaboration with the advisory committee will have input into the creation of the dissemination/distribution strategy and will benefit from this process.

Other targeted beneficiaries of this project are: Elders, traditional spiritual people, advisory committee members, Aboriginal organizations (i.e. Aboriginal health access centres, Aboriginal women’s shelters, Aboriginal men’s shelters, Aboriginal friendship centres, First Nations communities, Metis organizations, Za-geh-do-win Information Clearinghouse, National Aboriginal Circle Against Family Violence, etc.); and also Aboriginal liaison workers at provincial and federal institutions, Aboriginal court workers, Aboriginal diversion programs, Aboriginal Legal Services of Toronto; and finally any non-Aboriginal organizations that provide programs and services to victims of domestic violence from the Aboriginal Two-Spirit community.

The fact sheets and final report will also be added to the 2 Spirits website which will give innumerable peoples access to information on Aboriginal Two Spirit domestic violence.