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Here you can read everything about the ongoing projects of We conduct regular meetings, events, public discussions, generate new ideas, and embody them.

Some of our discussions deal with two-spirited people. And some – with spiritual guidance of our ancestors and the connection with them that we proudly share. We are a part of tradition, and we learn how to protect our families with the best protection spells from ancient times. Finally, we host events about spirituality, asrtology and numerology.

Spiritual Congress 2023 - Wisdom Of The Ancestors

What Do Angel Numbers Mean

Angel numbers are powerful and mystical symbols that carry spiritual significance and guidance. These numbers are believed to be messages sent by angels or divine beings. So, we know that they want to communicate with us, guiding us through our journey in life. Do you repeatedly encounter specific number sequences in your daily life? Maybe on clocks, license plates, or receipts? This may be an angel number trying to capture our attention.

444 Angel Number

Often associated with stability and support from the spiritual realm, the 444 angel number is a sign that your angels are surrounding you with love and protection. It signifies that you are on the right path. Also, your hard work and efforts will be rewarded with success and abundance. This number also encourages you to stay focused on your goals and to trust in your innate wisdom.

777 Angel Number

The appearance of the angel number 777 is a strong spiritual message of encouragement and acknowledgement from the universe. It suggests that you are in tune with your higher self and spiritual purpose. This number encourages you to deepen your spiritual practices. So, expand your knowledge, and embrace your intuitive gifts! It may also indicate that you are about to receive divine revelations and spiritual blessings.

1111 Angel Number

Often referred to as the “awakening code,” the 1111 angel number is a powerful signal that your thoughts and intentions are manifesting at a rapid rate. It serves as a reminder to stay positive, focused, and aligned with your true desires. So, this number signifies that new opportunities and spiritual growth are on the horizon. Embrace the power of your thoughts and take affirmative actions to manifest your dreams into reality.

So, angel numbers carry profound spiritual messages, guiding us on our life’s journey and encouraging us to connect with our higher selves and the divine energies that surround us. Finally, paying attention to these divine messages can lead to a deeper understanding of our life’s purpose and a more fulfilling existence.