Protection Spells – How To Cast Them

What Are Protection Spells

One thing that comes to your mind when you hear people talk about protection spells is magic. And since magic has for ages been portrayed as something that you must be born into, you are probably wondering if you can learn how to cast a spell.

Well, the good news is that magic is a spiritual and natural force that each one of us possesses and you do not need to be born a wizard or a witch, or into some kind of a witch’s coven to be able to cast a spell. The energy is within you and can allow you to manipulate the world and universe around you.

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Protection spell is among many spells that ordinary people practice. These spells help you to cleanse bad forces, keep you relaxed knowing that you are safe from danger and negative energy. Some of them can even attract wealth and abundance. In effect, you are not powerless when faced with other people’s bad energies or the dread of loss or harm to your property. You can create an energy field to hold harmful forces at bay by casting a protection spell.

Protection spells are not meant to harm people, rather they should protect you from potential negative energies and emotions that can pose physical harm or even psychic attack. Essentially, protection spells work by creating a shield that keeps away evil forces and negative energy.

Protection Spell Casting

Types of protection spells

Wards: are protective spells that create a shield or barrier to prohibit bad influences from crossing a line.

Reflections: are similar to wards in that they create a shield  around a certain line, but instead of just preventing unwanted influences from entering, they act by reflecting the harmful energy back to where it came from or into the ground to be neutralized.

Camouflage: is a kind of protective that merely hides the target  from magical forces.

Combat protective spells: just as the name suggests, are combative in that they exert reactionary responses which allows the target to transform negative energy and uses it to fuel various forms of magic.

Continue reading to learn how to cast protection spells.

Does protection spell work?

Perhaps this is the most pressing question for you as you wish to take a journey into spellcast craft. The uncertainties about the outcome of your spell, especially if you are just starting shouldn’t worry you that much. Spell casting, just like any other life skills, requires mastering that comes only by practice.

Spell casting involves words uttered in a specific order with magical intent – incantation. Fundamentally, you should have a clear purpose with your intent, be in a good physical and mental state and be in a suitable environment for casting your specific spell. The correct recitation, typically accompanied by the right gestures will summon the divine power for whichever spell you are casting.

As it is the case for Trobriand Islanders, one of the greatest tribes known for magic and spells, it is stressed that the efficacy of any spell essentially relies on the correct form of performance. Also, you should have a complete belief in the spell you are casting otherwise it may be ineffective. So, the simple answer is that any kind spell will work as long as you cast it correctly.

Why do I need to cast a protection spell?

Danger and harm have always been a part of our lives since the dawn of time. As a result, we have a strong urge to defend and to cleanse our spaces, our loved ones, and ourselves. The truth is that some risks, harms, or bad energy directed your way are undetectable, which is why protection spells are useful.

You can shield yourself from negative individuals and their harmful energies by casting a protective spell against them. You can use a protective spell to prevent yourself or a loved one from being negatively influenced by negative people.

Protection spells also work like banishing spells which help you get rid of other people’s negative energy from impacting your life or the lives of others you care about. That is simply how important protection spells are to your life.ї

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Spells of magic for beginners

Again, as we’ve established, you do not have to be born into witchcraft to be able to cast a spell. You can do it as ordinary as you are. The spells you cast at the start of your spellcraft will work and produce effects or may sometimes backfire. However, you will be able to learn more about magic, which forms of magic you favor, and which spell techniques work best for you as your magical adventure unfolds.

Now, when you want to start casting your protection spell, first, identify the source of the danger, fears and your anxieties. For every protection spell, you must understand and be conscious of your concerns, both internal and external, as well as your concealed fears. Then you must be willing to face it. This will allow you  to cast an effective spell that provides a genuine protection from negative energies. The importance of identifying your anxieties stems from the fact that they act as holes in your aura, attracting hazards to you.

How to cast protection spell

Make your altar

You don’t need anything special for your altar; instead, any table with a tablecloth would suffice. An altar is your personal sacred space. Ensure your altar is tidy and free of clutter. Only lay the objects you’ll need for the spell on your altar when you’re ready to cast it.

Cleanse your energy

It is suggested that you take a bath before casting a spell since it will cleanse you as well as relax you, making it simpler for you to concentrate on the spell.

Create a protective ring around yourself

The location where you perform your spells is sacred and guarded. As a result, no dark energy or dark spells should be allowed to enter your protective circle.

Choose a goal for yourself

Every spell you cast must have a specific goal in mind. When casting spells, be specific and avoid using negative remarks. You should always always be focused on what you desire to happen rather than what you don’t want to happen.

On the altar, light the candles

Candles are frequently utilized while performing spells since the act of lighting a candle encapsulates all of the essential aspects of magic. The element of air is represented by the candle’s wax turning into steam, the element of earth is represented by the wax, the element of spirit is represented by the candle purifying all energies, and the element of water is represented by the wax slowly dripping from the candle. As a result, several spells call for you to use candles to embrace the elements. When casting magic, most people prefer to use a white candle.


You must take the time to visualize and meditate on your goals and desires. Your mind has the power to make your spells work if you concentrate and focus.

Chants or mantras

Without mantras or chants, some spells require meditation and visualization. Some spells, however, require mantras or chants since these ceremonial actions aid in the manifestation of your objectives.

Bringing your spell to a close

It’s a wonderful way to thank the Universe at the end of your spell. You don’t have to express your gratitude verbally if you don’t want to. You can simply feel your thanks instead. The candle can then be extinguished. A ceremonious ritual, such as clapping hands, thumping a drum, or ringing a bell, may be used to end a spell by an experienced spell caster.

Resources that will help you start and grow as a spellcaster

There are numerous resources available today to assist you in becoming a spell caster. These include spell books written by real witches that provide a comprehensive instruction to performing various spells, including spiritual spells.

There are loads of spell books you can find from the witchy library that would match the spell you want to cast. Also, you can look at green witch, a complete guide to learn about the power of natural magic and healing through herbs, flowers, and essential oils.

Conclusion: does protection spell work?

Yes. Protection spell works. The only secret to any spell is to ensure that it is cast in the correct way. With the unique and wonderful spells, magic spells allow us to reclaim our power. You can protect not only yourself but also those you care about.


  • Sierra Tessay

    Sierra is a black woman, born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is known for her gift of divination as a fortune teller and astrologer. From a young age, Sierra knew she was different from her peers, often having visions and premonitions of events that would come to pass. Her grandmother, who was also a gifted psychic, recognized Sierra's abilities and began teaching her how to hone her skills. Now Sierra is a proud advocate for black women in the field of divination and astrology, using her platform to empower and uplift others like her. She continues to inspire and amaze her clients with her accuracy and wisdom, proving that the gift of divination knows no bounds.