Grand Mystic Convention 2023

We, the 2-spirited people of the 1st nations of America and Canada, invite all the spiritual people to visit one of our main events of 2023. Yes, we are talking about Grand Mystic Convention 2023! 

Grand Mystic Convention 2023 – What To Expect

Join us for an amazing weekend of exploration where we will touch a wide variety of esoteric and spiritual topics. We’ll learn how to cast spells for love, protection and money. Experienced tarot readers will share some insights and secrets of looking into the future. Spiritualists and gurus will talk about spiritual awakening and how to achieve it. There will be sections about numerology, divination, tarot, magic crystals and more.

Moreover, we will have hands-on activities, where you would definitely meet new mystic people, connect with native Americans and Canadians who share your interests and more! You can expect to be surprised at every turn while being at Grand Mystic Convention, hosted by

This event is open to the public (ages 18+). And it is free – just book your place and prepare to dive deeper into spiritual matters. Don’t miss this opportunity!

The detailed program is being prepared. We will release it as soon as possible.

Our Mission

Grand Mystic Convention 2023 will offer chances to investigate fresh angles in mystic and spirituality, both inside and outside of one’s typical field of study or system of practice. During some of the more immersive components of our convention, everyone will have the chance to both teach and learn.

Additionally, we’ll engage in group activities and experiments including paranormal research, magickal practices, and psychic phenomena. This will be a fantastic chance for networking and establishing relationships among our incredibly different, amiable, fascinating, and knowledgeable groups!

Magic Spells For Beginners And More

Magic spells will be the main topic of Grand Mystic Convention 2023. They are gaining popularity among spiritual people, and there are lots of beginners on this path. If this is about you – visit our event and reach into the depths of mystery!

Magic spells come in all shapes and sizes, from the simplest of love spells to complex protection spells and evil curses. It’s difficult to narrow down a “most popular” set of spells due to the personal preferences of their users. But three particular types tend to stand out: love spells, money spells, and protection spells.

  • Love spells are among the most commonly used types of magic as they help people build strong relationships with others.
  • Money spells have been used for centuries as a way to draw financial wellbeing into one’s life.
  • Finally, protection spells have been used since antiquity to shield oneself and their loved ones from unwanted forces or energy.

For those seeking more information on using these magic spells, there is an abundance of resources available online that can be accessed with ease. You can read more on, and of course there are lots of books that will reveal you some secrets. But beware: not all of spells are good. Don’t mess with evil hexes and curses – negative energy will strike you back.

Speakers And Gurus

Albert Ayala

Famous mage and tarot reader Albert Ayala will let you look into the future. You may learn some secrets from his spreads and interpretations. For those who want to practice, we advice to bring your own Tarot decks.

Lucille Bond

Don’t forget to open your mind before visiting the master class of Lucille Bond, a well-known hereditary witch. She is a member of the secret coven, she wrote two books about witchcraft, and she knows a lot about protection spells and sigils.

Araceli Woodward

Araceli Woodward has a strong understanding of astrology. She proudly claims that his mother was his first guru. She has examined 10,000 horoscopes to date from individuals in all nations. Don’t forget to record your birth dates – it allows her to provide accurate predictions and the assistance that people need.


Grand Mystic Convention 2023 will take place on 24th of August, at our spiritual home. The location is the same – 108 5th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104, USA. Write to contact us for all the details.


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  • Sierra Tessay

    Sierra is a black woman, born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is known for her gift of divination as a fortune teller and astrologer. From a young age, Sierra knew she was different from her peers, often having visions and premonitions of events that would come to pass. Her grandmother, who was also a gifted psychic, recognized Sierra's abilities and began teaching her how to hone her skills. Now Sierra is a proud advocate for black women in the field of divination and astrology, using her platform to empower and uplift others like her. She continues to inspire and amaze her clients with her accuracy and wisdom, proving that the gift of divination knows no bounds.