Protection Sigil: How To Make and Activate It

What is A Protection Sigil

The sigil represents the image of the desired outcome of its creation. Sigils have been used since the Neolithic era for magical or cultic intentions. The word sigil originates from the Latin word “sigillum” which means to “seal”. What are sigils for protection? A protection sigil is a symbol with a magical meaning created to provide an individual with protection in their day-to-day life. The protection sigil keeps away any negative energy and provides the person with protection from stress, emotional frustration, and negativity.

Why Do You Need Spiritual Protection

Protection sigils are used in witchcraft as a form of magic because of the energy we surround ourselves with every day. We interact with people on a daily basis, and each person we encounter can influence us based on their energy and emotional state. The energy we are surrounded by can affect our well-being, leading to energy contamination. This can lead to stress, bad mood, and problems with our health.

An Image Of Protection Sigil

How To Make A Protection Sigil

How to make a sigil? Making a protection sigil is simple and can easily help you protect yourself and your energy. The first step is to define what your goal is. The sigil is a symbol that represents your desire, therefore you must understand what your intention behind it is. It can be used for an aim you want to fulfill or an event you want to manifest in your life. Some good things you can manifest using a sigil are the following:

  • Money
  • Good luck
  • Love
  • Happiness
  • Good health
  • Protection from negativity

If you want to learn how to create a sigil, follow this guide. The first step in making a sigil is to choose which method you want to use for it.

First method

Write down your intentions on a piece of paper. It should be in the form of a single sentence. Try to phrase it positively. It is best to use the present tense as if you already have your desired goal. After you write it, cross out all of the vowels and repeat the letters in the sentence.

For example, you can write “I am wealthy and live an abundant life”. Then without the vowels, that sentence will turn into “M W L T H N D L V N B N D N T L F”. Finally, cross out the repeating letters and this should be the result – “M W L T H N D V B F”.

Second method

Some of the best symbols for protection sigil are single words that hold a lot of meaning and strength. Write down your intention in a single word. When writing a single word, you are putting more purpose into it and it can be more effective than a full sentence.

For example, you can write “Abundance”. After it is written, remove the repeating letters. The result should be “A B U N D C E”.

Combine The Letters

After you choose your method, the next step is to combine the remaining letters to create the sigil. Don’t be afraid to be creative. Arrange the letters from your statement or word to create your unique magical symbol. The following picture is a good example of a letter sigil.

Sigil 1

Don’t be afraid to customize it to make it more personal to you. Adding embellishments like dots and swirls and combining letters can make the sigil look more complex and hard to identify by others.

Draw It

After you have created the design of protection sigil, draw it on a new piece of paper to activate it formally. The paper will be destroyed in the process of activation, so it’s a good idea to keep a copy for later.

Activate Your Sigil

To activate your sigil, try to find a calm and peaceful spot to relax your mind and help you focus. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing – while meditation isn’t a necessity, it can help you relax and fully bring your focus to the ritual.

Focus On It

Hold the sigil in your hands and truly focus on it. Stare at it and reflect on its significance. Look at it until your vision is blurry and the sigil is difficult to focus on.

Burn It Down

The next step is to burn the sigil – it could be in a fire-proof cup or bowl. Hold the sigil and light it up with a candle above the cup. The fire acts as an activator to the sigil, and it allows it to be impactful in the future.

Let Sigil Work

After the protection sigil is burned, try to continue with your life. Avoid questioning whether it will work or not – just let it go. Focus on your manifestation and allow the universe to decide for you.

How To Use Protection Sigils

The sigils are spiritual protection symbols and there are various ways you can use them. After the sigil is created and activated, these are some ways you can charge it:

  • One way to charge it is to place it in an artwork, frame the sigil on a wall, or use it as wallpaper for your phone. The visibility of the sigil will help protect you and your home.
  • Tracing the sigil into the air and visualizing its destruction is another useful method of using a sigil. It can provide you with protection or inspiration for the moment. You can draw the sigil with your finger or trace it with your eyes. Once it’s ready, visualize pushing it into an imaginary black hole. It is activated through its destruction.
  • Carve the sigil into a candle and light it. This will charge the sigil with your protection spell and allow it to burn slowly with use.
  • Draw the sigil on your skin. Wearing the sigil on your skin will activate it and create a stronger connection between your desire and yourself. This temporary sigil is great for providing protection for a specific timeframe.
  • The final method of using a protection sigil is to carve it into your food. Using a toothpick, knife or fork, carve the symbols into any food you are about to make. Consume the food as normal in order to activate it.

Types of Sigils

One of the more popular types of sigils is the Aegishjalmur, also known as a Norse protection sigil.

Sigil 2

The Norse protection is one of the more popular magic protection runes and it originates from Old Norse. According to various sources, it was used by the Vikings. The meaning of the Norse protection sigil is “helm of awe” and “terror”.  When the sigil is used, it creates a barrier of protection around the person which repels any enemy attack.

One of the other more popular kinds of sigils is the love sigil. They are used to attract love and romance into a person’s life. They can be a drawn symbol or a letter-created sigil as mentioned in the guide.

The money sigil is also a good way to attract money and financial abundance into your life. It is created with the intention for wealth – it can be a symbol that you personally connect to wealth or a letter-created sigil with the words “money”, “wealth” or sentences like “I am financially abundant”, “I attract wealth everywhere I go”, “I have a high-earning job”.


There are various things you can use a sigil for – love, money, good health, and anything else you want to manifest into your life. You can use sigils to attract good luck and abundance into your life.

The protection sigil is a great way to protect your energy from the people you encounter in your daily life.  This can be a great way to prevent stress, emotional difficulties, and internal struggles caused by your environment and the people surrounding you. It can help you protect your health and overall well-being.


  • Sierra Tessay

    Sierra is a black woman, born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is known for her gift of divination as a fortune teller and astrologer. From a young age, Sierra knew she was different from her peers, often having visions and premonitions of events that would come to pass. Her grandmother, who was also a gifted psychic, recognized Sierra's abilities and began teaching her how to hone her skills. Now Sierra is a proud advocate for black women in the field of divination and astrology, using her platform to empower and uplift others like her. She continues to inspire and amaze her clients with her accuracy and wisdom, proving that the gift of divination knows no bounds.