Free Psychic Love Readings Online: Best Medium Websites

Free psychic love readings are an incredible way to know about your love life. Sometimes you cannot control what happens in your life. If you have an open mind and believe in a higher power, getting a love psychic reading is the best.

With the advancement of technology, you don’t need to physically visit a psychic now. You can get accurate tarot reading online and that too for free. Several websites offer the service for free. So, no need to shell out extra bucks. However, what websites you use always matters. Not all of them are trustworthy.

Free Psychic Love Readings Online

Here is a list of the 5 best free reading websites. Let us have a look.

Best free psychic reading sites: a brief overview

  1.  Keen: 3 minutes free; 10 minutes for $1.99
  2. Mysticsense: 5 minutes free; paid service price varies for different psychics
  3. Asknow: $1/minute
  4. Purple Garden: $10 credit for first-time users
  5.  Kasamba: 3 minutes free, afterward $1.69/minute

So, let’s take a closer look. The authors of have tested and reviewed all these services for you!


About The Website

If you want a website that answers all your queries, keen is the best online psychic platform. It not only offers psychic readings but also free love tarot readings online, love advice, financial advice, psychic mediums, and several such services. The best part is their strong client testimonials. Not only are their psychics highly regarded but are also known for their practical approach to life.

They are known for stating the realities no matter how unpleasant they might be. This allows the clients to assess their situation in a better way. Here is a list of services that they offer:

  • Psychic readings
  • Financial Guidance
  • Life path and advice
  • Spiritual readings
  • Astrology readings
  • Tarot card readings
  • Love and relationships
  • Psychic mediums


  • Several types of readings are offered
  • 3 minutes are free for first-time users
  •  Insightful articles available for curious users
  • Free psychic love readings
  • Affordable pricing
  • You can choose the psychic and also check if they are best suited for you


  • You can’t get instant redressal. You need to fill out the form and then they will contact you later.

What Makes This Website The Best?

Every free reading website has a USP. Giving honest readings is this website’s USP. Along with that, there are several insightful articles that you can read to enrich yourself about the mystical world of psychics and astrology. These give an in-depth view of how the psychics find out more about you.

The website offers a long list of psychics to cater to your needs. It precisely asks the users to go through their profiles and look for their specialization before selecting them. Since the website offers a wide range of readings, it is common for users to, say, select a financial advisor for love pieces of advice!

So, you must choose the right psychic, the one who specializes in your quest.

How To Get Readings On This Website?

If you are getting the free psychic love readings done for the first time, we suggest you get the free reading which is offered only to first-time customers. You need to register yourself on the website first using your email id.

One thing you need to pay attention to is that the website allows only those above the age of 18 years. Once you have registered for the website, you will be allowed to avail of the free services.


About The Website

Free psychic readings sometimes seem like a time-pass hobby for those curious minds. However, once you avail of the services offered by this website, we are sure; you will reconsider your thoughts. There is a wide range of readings offered.

One of the best aspects is that you can choose to have an audio or video consultation with the psychic. No need to search for psychics near me on Google. However, that rate differs. Different psychics have different rates.


  • Several psychics are available and that too 24/7
  • Audio and video consultations are available
  • Customer support is available 24/7
  • Live support available


  • Sessions can be expensive with some of the psychics

What Makes This Website So Good?

Any psychic reading website needs to offer over-the-top service to clients in this competent digital era. Mysticsense seems to take the lead here.

Here is a list of some of the awesome features of this best free reading website:

  • You can choose how to have the readings done. You can have it through the mail, phone, message, audio call, or video call.
  • You can filter the psychics on several parameters. Like how you wish to get the readings done, through the birth chart or crystal ball or oracle cards, and so on. Numerous such filters allow you to give clear instructions to the psychic to get the readings as per your beliefs.
  • All the psychics are categorized as top-rated, very popular, rising talent, or new joiners. So that way you can choose them based on your priority.
  • The website specializes in love psychic reading, medium psychics, career psychics, energy healing, and intuitive psychics.

How To Get Readings Here?

Like any other website, you first need to sign up using your email id, date of birth, and gender. You then need to confirm it through the link sent to your mail. The real process begins after that to select the right service.

Here Are The Steps To Follow:

  1. First, filter the psychics according to your need. Like, select the love psychics for relationship advice.
  2. Now browse through the list and choose the one that best suits your needs.
  3. Here is the catch. Most of the top-rated psychics have high rates. However, even the recruits can be pretty helpful and insightful. So, don’t hesitate to choose even the newbie.
  4. You can choose how to have the conversation and for how long. If you are a first-time user, you get 5 minutes free, and afterward, rates will be applicable as per the psychic.
  5. You can also choose if you wish to have a brief conversation or a lengthy one.


About The Website

Since 2005, Asknow is known for giving accurate psychic readings, and that too over the phone 24/7. Its 15 years old legacy is enough to prove its accuracy and popularity. You just need to select from a wide range of psychics and their specialties. Only verified and tested psychics are allowed to give readings on this website. So, you are always sure of getting in touch with someone who is well-learned, insightful, and experienced.


  • 24/7 support
  • Online consultation and on-phone consultation
  • A large number of psychics with a wide range of specialization


  • No free minutes even for new members
  • Free psychic love readings are not available – you’ll have to pay

What Makes This Website Trustworthy?

Client testimony and a wide range of users are what make this website stand out from the rest. Moreover, the psychics are available 24/7 and are just a chat button/call away. This allows clients to get in touch with them anytime.

Another amazing feature is that the website lists all the psychics according to their ratings. After every psychic session, the client is asked to review and give a rating to the psychic. This in itself shows how serious Asknow is about client satisfaction.

So, when you sign up on the platform and proceed to your session, you get a list of psychics which shows their ratings and reviews. This will help you in selecting the one that best suits your requirement. You can easily find someone who has had most customers satisfied.

The website also hosts super-experienced and talented elite masters and master advisors. They charge up to $14/minute and they are some of the top psychics in the world. So, if you decide to go for a detailed reading, the bill may shoot up to a few hundred bucks.

How To Use Asknow.Com?

Using this website is super easy. You just need to create your account and then you are ready to go. You can consult psychics for love, marriages, relationships, money matters, careers, and so on. The list of psychics here is pretty detailed. You can find their specialization, years of experience, credentials, languages they know, and even their horoscope!

The website accepts payments in all major channels like Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and American Express. If you are dissatisfied with the service, it will even refund your amount but in the website credit account.

Purple Garden

About the website

A coming-of-date psychic reading site and app, purple garden caters to the psychic needs of a vast range of users. Whether you need to get an in-depth analysis of your love and relationship, or want Oracle guidance, it offers all!


  • Lots of experienced psychics
  • Good user base
  • Known for accuracy and decent insights


  • No free minutes, $10 introductory credit seldom cater to the psychic’s rates
  • Psychics can be expensive here

Why Is This A Good Website?

It offers a wide range of services to its clients, like:

The list of experienced psychics in various niches is diverse and they are easy to contact. You can avail of their service through free psychic text chat, audio call, or video call. The rate is variable depending on the psychic.

Purple Garden has a unique feature: share your journey. Here, the users share their experience of what led them to seek psychic service, how it went, and how it has helped them. For those who are dealing with anxiety or are unsure of their decision, it serves as an incredible source of motivation.

Many people find it ensuring that there are other people out there who go through the same issues as them. And it also allows people to speak their minds. That in itself is therapeutic and healing. This feature works in the site’s favor as well. Because often people do mention how their psychic helped them and shows their efficiency.

How To Use It?

You just need to register on the website like the others. The website follows strict privacy policies. You are asked for some basic details like:

  • Name and email
  • PayPal credentials for payment purposes
  • Profile photo
  • IP address and geographical location
  • In-app messages and live chat transcripts

If you are still uncomfortable sharing this much information, you should sign up using just your email ID. If you use your Google account, the app will derive all the information available in your Google account.

You can use it either in English or Spanish. You should select the psychic that caters to your needs and then go for the consultation.


About The Website

Ask about a trustworthy psychic reading website and Kasamba is going to be the one. With the large user base and lots of experienced psychics, this one always takes the lead.


  • The free and easy registration process
  • Lots of psychics available
  • Affordable rates
  • App available for both iOS and Android devices


  • No fixed number of available psychics
  • Seldom offers discount

Why Should You Use It?

Kasamba is one of those platforms that offer a wide array of services such as:

Fertility readings

In today’s stressful life, many couples are constantly dealing with fertility issues. They wish to have children but despite being completely physically fit, they are unable to conceive. Many do have underlying health issues. For such couples, it becomes very important to know if they are ever going to have children of their own. Fertility readings let them know how their body chakras are going to align and when they should expect the good news. It will also let them know if they should look for alternative ways to have children like IVF, surrogacy, or adoption.

Dream analysis

Dreams are not merely your imagination. It has been proven time and again that they are a gateway to alternative reality. The analysis helps the client gain an insight into their subconscious mind. The things or events that they see have symbolism and a proper reading allows you to interpret it.

Past life

There have been numerous cases of rebirth. For those experiencing it, it is a source of anxiety and utter confusion. With a past life reading, one can know why an event or a place keeps them at the toe or what really happened to them. It helps them ease their mental stress.


Pets are not merely someone you cuddle with after work. They have intuition and feelings and since they don’t talk, it is hard to know what they are feeling. You must have noticed that your dog suddenly begins to feel low or gets angry out of nowhere and it becomes tough to cheer them up. A pet psychic reading will help you know your pet better.

Love spells

If you feel that your love for someone is real and they somewhat are not getting the vibe, doing the love spells is an option.


Making career choices and how to navigate through the path is a complex thing these days. Many people don’t seem to realize their true calling. Getting a career reading will help them take the best-suited path.

Psychics can be easily contacted through messages, calls, or video calls. Not only that, you also get awesome introductory offers. Along with the first 3 free minutes, you can also avail a 70% discount on the first session. Also, Kasamba is available on the app store. You can download it on your iOS devices and Android devices. This allows you to use the website on the go without having to sign in for each use.

How To Use Kasamba?

Registering on Kasamba is easy. However, it differs in one aspect. The rates for consultation through email and chat are different. Also, the number of psychics that are available on the platform keeps on varying. So you might need to wait for your favorite psychic to be available.

Best Free Psychic Reading Website

Free Psychic Love Reading Online: Q&A

Why Are Free Psychic Love Readings So Popular?

Psychic reading demands are on the high these days. That is mostly because the uncertainties in life have increased so much that people want an insight into what lies ahead in their life. This is true, especially in the post-COVID era when people don’t know if their loved ones will be with them.

Another aspect of this is that love and relationships are something that people want to work out for them. Often they don’t know how to get it right. Psychics not only tell them what is in store for them but also let them know how to make it their best.

With most services available online, people don’t need to venture out and physically meet a psychic. They can get their consultation using a phone or laptop. This easy availability along with their efficiency has made the service so popular.

Why Do Websites Offer Free Psychic Love Readings?

Psychic reading has a wide range of ardent followers. At the same time, there are several who hesitate and don’t believe in such things. Many of them visit these websites just for fun. However, psychics are an excellent medium to uncover your past, present, and future.

Free readings are an excellent way to let them know more about this mystical world. At the same time, it is an excellent way to incentivize those who believe in it. A few free minutes are always followed by a longer session given its accuracy.

What Types Of Readings Are Offered?

Different websites offer different kinds of readings. Some of the notable ones are:

  • Psychic readings
  • Tarot cards
  • Astrology
  • Crystal balls
  • Medium psychics
  • Career psychics
  • And many more

Who Should Get Readings?

Anyone who has an open mind and is ready to accept that there lies an alternate universe can get a reading. The basic rule for getting the reading is to be mentally prepared. That is because, with each reading, energy flows between the psychic and the client.

If the client blocks out that energy, then the reading is not going to be clear. Also, not all psychics’ and clients’ energy levels match. So you must try out different psychics before finalizing one.

When you wish to have clarity of mind and a spiritual answer to your surroundings with lots of impending queries, you should go for a reading. That will help you ease out your mental stress, realign your chakras, and connect yourself with the spiritual you.

When Should I Get The Readings?

There is no such rule book regarding when to get a reading. Basically when you feel stuck somewhere and do not seem to find a way out, going for reading is not a bad choice. See, the thing is, not all of our actions are going to give results as we wish.

Sometimes, you need to admit that there is a greater force that navigates your life. That greater force works in your favor but you might not think so at that juncture. A reading will help you realize what lies ahead and also how to navigate yourself through it.

And when you have an open approach to the readings, you can go for them 24/7.

Are Free Psychic Love Readings Always Accurate?

This is a rather subjective thing. Readings are not merely foreseeing someone’s life. It is the flow of energy and aura surrounding the person. And a psychic does not foresee the future. They see the momentum of work and life patterns and accordingly, predict the course of events.

The accuracy always lies around 90-95%. No psychic can claim 100% accuracy. Also, the time frame is not an accurate measurement. They may claim some major changes in less than 6 months but it might take 8 months. So, when you consult an experienced psychic, they always ask you to be patient and have faith.

How Are Readings Generated?

That varies depending on the psychic. Some use inner voice, intuition, or crystal balls while others use tarot cards, astrology, and several other techniques. Free psychic love readings can be very different for two different people. There are even psychic soulmate sketches.

What Should I Look For In The Psychic?

The first thing to look for is your connection. Psychics don’t always connect with everyone. Once you are sure that there is unbridled energy flow, you should look for their expertise and reading techniques.

Will The Psychic Tell Me About The Impending Bad Things?

Life and karma work in complex ways. What you perceive as a bad thing might be a gift in disguise. When you visit a psychic, say, they tell you that you might lose your job or focus on your work. Because they don’t precisely see you losing the job. What they see is you being stressed at work, your incompetence or office politics, and your flow of energy. These things eventually lead to job loss.

But this can be a wake-up call for you too. You can either work out your way by being more focused or start a new venture or switch to a better workplace. Psychics are not going to tell you the exact thing. They don’t read that accurately. They do see how life is going a turn for you and then they predict according to their intuition.

I Have Heard That Psychics Tell Only What You Want To Hear. Is That True?

Not at all! If someone does that, be sure that you are scammed.

What Personal Information Will I Need To Give For The Readings To Be Done?

That completely depends on the type of psychic reading you are opting for. Tarot card readers or general psychic reader and advisor don’t need any such information. But astrologers do need that kind of information.

Why Should I Get Past Life Readings?

Have you ever felt unnecessarily uncomfortable around some areas or do some things trigger unexplainable anxiety in you? That could be because of your past life conceptions. People don’t always leave their previous life karma behind and may carry the baggage even in their present life.

This can be disturbing and stressful. With a psychic reading, you can get answers to what happened to you and how to let go of it. If not disappearing, it can at least reassure you. And it will help you in carving out a better life for yourself.


  • Nathan Dokis

    Nathan Dokis is a Navajo man who identifies as a 2-spirited person and works as a spiritualist and mystic. Nathan was born and raised on the Navajo Nation, and from a young age, he felt a strong connection to the spiritual world. He found solace in his connection to the spiritual world, and he began to explore his gifts of a medium. Nathan studied traditional Navajo teachings, as well as other spiritual practices, and developed his own unique approach to spirituality. Nathan's work as a spiritualist and psychic has helped countless individuals on their own spiritual journeys. He offers guidance to those who are seeking clarity and understanding in their lives, using his gifts to connect them with the spiritual realm.