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Welcome at the 2Spirits website. We, the 2-spirited people of the first nations, are here to reveal the spiritual mysteries for you.

Our lineage genealogy comes from our ancestors, who lived on these lands for centuries. They respected the spirits, the stars, and the rituals that now are forgotten by most of us. Native American priests have developed a system of magic so potent that it enabled them to control the wind and weather, predict future occurrences, and occasionally even alter the future. Rumors say that they had the power to read minds, heal the sick, talk to animals, and to communicate telepathically.

Joshua Wetsit, an Assiniboine elder born in 1886, once said: “But our Indian religion is all one religion, the Great Spirit. We’re thankful that we’re on this Mother Earth that keeps everything alive.” 

For two-spirited people, the spiritual is a concept that must be experienced as well as thought about. When a strong emotion is connected to a spiritual phenomenon, it might be claimed that the phenomenon has been experienced. So, when the spiritual is felt from the heart, it is discovered to be enigmatic, amazing, urgent, and exciting.

The way that one typically perceives the world is fundamentally challenged by the unitive metaphysical vision that the enlightened have because, in that view, everything is perceived as divine and as the one eternal Consciousness manifesting as all the different elements of the world. So, a mystic is someone who has had that vision and has realized their transcending Identity as the one all-pervading Spirit. And that manitestation, or vision enlightens him or her.

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