How To Make Moon Water: Steps & Secrets

What Is Moon Water?

Lunar energy is known for its high spiritual powers. Before moving on to how to make moon water, let us see what exactly is it. Moon water is made to tap the lunar energy and use it for your well-being. It can be made with any water and during any lunar phase. However, experts claim that moon water made during the full moon or the new moon is most potent.

The Moon’s energy has been the center of spirituality and magic all around the globe. Even mental health experts admit that a person’s mental state changes according to the moon’s phases. Readers of have surely noticed high energy levels during the full moon or a new moon, or some other changes.

Why Does It Work

There is no scientific proof about what makes the moon water so powerful. But we really don’t have proof about so many things, and yet they work out so well! The theory behind the moon’s water is that the human body is made up of 70% water and the moon is known to affect earthly phenomena like tides with its gravitational power.

Moon Water

The moon is said to hold mystic powers, similar to those that stars and constellations have. So, it is quite obvious that we humans will also get affected by the moon. Also, the moon is said to possess healing powers. It helps you get rid of all the negativity in your mind and soul. It is also known to manifest your deepest desires. That’s why there are so many rituals that need to be done only during certain lunar phases for maximum results.

Moon water is not a commercial thing. It needs to be made at home with your utmost sincerity. After you make it, store it in the home, spritz it, use it for cleansing purposes, or simply sip.

Moon Water Benefits

Moon water is the purest form to collect the moon’s positive aura. A few drops and you will notice an instant change in your environment. You can use it for spiritual awakening, manifestation, removal of negative energies, and overall for cordial and peaceful relations.

Let us see what its benefits are.

Spiritual benefits

Moon and spirituality have always gone hand in hand – jsut like you and your soulmate. The moon symbolizes how you need to flow with the universe. Like the moon, you can increase or decrease with time, but what matters is you rise again and shine again.

You cannot be diminished. This spiritual theory makes lunar energy a perfect pathway to spiritual awakening. Use the moon’s water to get rid of all the material thoughts and lead yourself toward the ultimate peace.


If you wish for something dear, using moon water is an excellent way to achieve it in no time. So what makes the moon the epitope of manifestation? Well, the law of attraction says that you achieve what you wish for. Now the moon has several phases, and all of them hold different energy levels.

The new moon is the best time for starting a new thing or wishing for something. And it culminates into the reality you wish for as the phase progresses. When you use the moon’s water, you use the tapped lunar energy to bring your desires into reality.


Your body and soul often get hurt and need proper healing. That is something that modern medicines can’t provide. The moon water gives you inner strength, inspiration, and motivation to come out of the shell, get rid of the bitter memories, and rise again like the sphinx.


Is there something more beautiful than the moon? The moon’s water carries the purity of the moon. It not only gives you that extra glow but makes you feel beautiful from within. With a pure soul and calm mind, your face gets an inner glow that outshines all the make-up products.


If you are constantly struggling with negative thoughts, depression, frustration, or feel sulky all the time, moon water is what you need. It will cleanse your mental state and purify the body.

How To Make Moon Water

Making the moon water is easy and should be done at home with full faith in the moon’s powers. At the same time, collecting is equally important. you should collect the jar as per your wish and what you want with it.

So how do you make moon water?

Here are the steps to making the DIY moon water:

  • Get a clean and sanitized glass jar or bottle.
  • Burn a jade to get rid of any negativity in the jar and your surroundings.
  • Fill the jar with potable water.
  • Write down your desires on a piece of paper and place it under the jar. Alternatively, whisper your wishes to the water.
  • Now place the jar under the moon overnight.
  • Seal the bottle and use it as per your wish.
  • A bit of practical advice is to label the jar. Be sure to use it within a month or it may develop microbes making it harmful to drink.

This is how you make the moon water. Now, collecting is equally important and it depends on the state of your wish and the lunar phase. Always be sure of what you wish for and write it down with complete faith in the powers of moon water.

What to do with moon water

  • Always use clean jars and potable water.
  • Use the moon’s water within a month.
  • If you plan to drink it, try doing so within a week. Water tends to develop microbes after that term, making it non-potable.
  • Do mention the date of making it. It will help you in keeping a tab on its use.

What not to do with moon water

  • Do not put random crystals in the moon water. Always make sure that the crystal you intend to use is harmless when mixed in water. Many crystals release harmful compounds that can make you sick when consumed.
  • Never leave the jar unopened while collecting the moon water

When To Collect Moonwater

Believers in the moon water say that the effect of collecting moonwater is heavily influenced by the lunar phase. Each phase of the moon has a different energy. Let us learn about this in more detail:

  1. Collecting moon water during the full moon: If you intend to offer gratitude, reap rewards, cleanse yourself of negative aura and release old baggage, you should collect the water during the full moon. The full moon ritual is all about the feeling of being content.
  2. Collecting moon water during the new moon: New moon symbolizes new beginnings. You should collect water during this phase for personal growth, new beginnings, and manifestations.
  3. Collecting during the waxing phase: If you are seeking growth in a creative field or seeking some new inspirations, be sure to collect the moon water during the waxing phase.
  4.  Collecting during the waning moon phase: Moon wanes and finally disappears during this phase. Similarly, if you wish to get rid of your hard feelings, forgive or thank someone, and collect water during the waning lunar phase.
  5. Collecting during the blue moon phase: You should collect water during this phase to start new ventures, celebrate your success, and amplify your aspirations.

So if you are wondering when to make moon water 2023, just cross-reference it with your wish and the lunar phase it fits in.

How To Use Moon Water

Moon water can be used for multiple purposes. Let us have a brief look over the best moon water uses:

Spiritual rituals The lunar cycle lets you flow with the universe. It lets you embrace the fact that change is the only constant. It connects your soul with the ultimate mystic power, letting you feel contented, happy, and open to your surroundings. So, either sip the moon water or spray yourself with it. Or you can use it in some kind of a protection spell again evil spirits.
Healing rituals The moon is known to have a cooling effect. Even while standing under direct moonlight, you will feel at ease. Using moon water heals you of trauma, negative thoughts, and hard feelings. Keep the moon water with you and cleanse your surroundings with it.
Manifestation If you truly desire something, moon water may let you achieve it. It aligns all the positive energy of the universe toward the completion of your wish.
Beauty routine Moon water is equally known for enhancing beauty. You just need to mix it up with essential oil and continue spritzing it over your face and body – in the morning or before your sleep.

How To Perform a Moon Water Ritual

The Moon and water are two interlinked elements of the universe. The moon symbolizes the inner self and consciousness, while the water is the symbol of constant flow and infinity. When combined, they represent infinite consciousness and self-awakening.

So what is moon water ritual and how to do a moon water ritual? Performing a moon water ritual guarantees your inner peace, tranquility, manifestation, and cleansing.

There are several ways to perform a moon water ritual. Let us have a look at the prominent ones:

Light of the moon bathing ritual

This is an incredible way to get rid of the negativity surrounding your soul.

  • Add a few drops of the moon water into the bathtub.
  • Submerge yourself in this water.
  • Imagine yourself being bathed in the milky light of the moon and soaking yourself up in its brightness.
  • You will feel an instant influx of positive energy in yourself.

Intuitive ability moon water ritual

If you have psychic abilities, this ritual is meant to hone your visualization.

  • Apply moon water between your eyebrows, specifically on the position of the third eye chakra.
  • Keep merlinite and Preseli bluestone in your hands or wear them as a necklace.
  • Meditate and let the images flow.
  • Keep noting down the images so that you can analyze them later.

Moon water ritual with crystals

This is the manifestation ritual with the moon water.

  • Take a clean jar, pen, and paper.
  • Cleanse your surroundings and the jar by burning jade.
  • Write down your deepest desires on a piece of paper and place the jar over it.
  • Fill up the jar with water.
  • Place powerful crystals like clear quartz, amethyst, citrine, and rose quartz. These amplify the potential of the moon water by trapping more lunar energy.
  • Keep this whole setup in a place that receives direct moonlight.
  • Consume the water the next day or mix it with essential oils and spray it throughout the house and your surroundings.


Moon water is all about tapping the mystical powers of the moon for the betterment of life. The moon symbolizes growth, regeneration, power, and peace. By tapping the moon’s energies and aura, you bring the same qualities into your life. While science does not back it up, folklore around the world has long relied on the lunar phases for the culmination of their wishes.

There is enough evidence to support the fact that the moon affects different geographical phenomena on Earth. If it can change the course of a planet’s activities then it can surely alter how the human mind perceives things. It can direct universal energies to its betterment, healing, and of course spiritual awakening.

This ability of the moon makes the moon water one of the most magical potions to change the course of your life. What matters most is how much faith you have in its power and how you wish your desires to manifest.


  • Nathan Dokis

    Nathan Dokis is a Navajo man who identifies as a 2-spirited person and works as a spiritualist and mystic. Nathan was born and raised on the Navajo Nation, and from a young age, he felt a strong connection to the spiritual world. He found solace in his connection to the spiritual world, and he began to explore his gifts of a medium. Nathan studied traditional Navajo teachings, as well as other spiritual practices, and developed his own unique approach to spirituality. Nathan's work as a spiritualist and psychic has helped countless individuals on their own spiritual journeys. He offers guidance to those who are seeking clarity and understanding in their lives, using his gifts to connect them with the spiritual realm.