Best Money Spells For Wealth and Abundance

What Are Magic Spells: History and Origins

The earliest mention of magic and money spells can be traced back to ancient Mesopotamia around 4000 BC. People believed that magic was their only way to protect themselves from the evil aura of demons, spirits, sorcerers, and ghosts. Consequently, similar practices flourished in Egyptian civilization, during the Middle Ages in Europe, and underwent reformative changes during the Renaissance period.

Modern science snubs the culture of spells and brands them as superstition. But the truth is far from that. The universe has existed since time immemorial. It is in no way possible that there is no controlling power, no creator of ultra-complicated system like our universe. Moreover, every culture around the globe has some ritual where they call for their deceased ancestors and seek their blessings.

Casting a spell is similar to it. You call for the cosmic and mystic energies to come to your help and they do so by converging all the positive energies to you.

A witch, castting best Money Spells

Kinds of Spells

Magic spells or wizardry or witchcraft, whatever you wish to call it, is an interesting thing to learn. While the most complex ones are not to be tried by beginners, some spells are super easy to perform, like the protective ones. Let us have a look over some of the common spells:

Type of spell Purpose When to cast
Money attraction spells To attract and multiply money on the domestic and business front. Waxing crescent moon phase.
Love spell To attract the person you like and/or to strengthen the existing relationship. The first quarter of the lunar cycle.
Protection spell Protecting yourself and your family against evil spirits, evil eyes, and negative energies in general. Waning gibbous phase.
Protection sigils To protect oneself and the family from the negative energies of the people we get to meet everyday. Since it needs to be drawn, it can be done any day.
Spiritual protection spell To make the body spiritually awakened, strong within, and feel protected. Waning gibbous phase.
Banishing spell Removing or banishing someone from your life. It is usually done for demonic energies, evil spirits, and negative thoughts. Moreovrr, the spell not only removes them from your life, but also stops them from coming back. In some cases, the spell also stops the energies from even thinking about you and their demonic visualization of you. The same – waning gibbous phase.
Career spell To achieve some goal or to accelerate your career. Waxing crescent phase.

Magic Herbs

Magic spells are incomplete without herbs. Contrary to popular belief, most spells do not use rare elements. Magic herbs form an integral part of any spell. Rather they are the easily available ones. Lots of them are available all over the USA, in stores or just in the forest near you. Here is a list of the most prominent ones, approved and used by the authors of

  • Sage
  • Bay leaves
  • Basil
  • Chamomile
  • Ginger
  • Garlic
  • Lavender
  • Jasmine
  • Rose
  • St. John’s wort
  • Thyme

What Are Money Spells And How To Cast Them

Money spells are a popular form of spiritual practice that seeks to attract financial abundance into one’s life. These spells work by tapping into the energy of money and redirecting it towards the spell caster. With the help of ancient traditions, various herbs, and crystals, the energy of money is harnessed to create wealth and prosperity.

There are many money spells that one can cast, but one of the most common is the abundance spell. The abundance spell involves creating a talisman or charm that is charged with the intention of attracting wealth. The talisman can be anything from a piece of jewelry to a simple piece of paper, as long as it is imbued with the spell’s intention.

To cast a money spell, one must find a quiet space where they can focus their energy and concentrate on their intention. After creating their talisman, they should hold it in their hands and visualize their financial goals. They should imagine themselves surrounded by abundance and prosperity, feeling the energy of money flowing towards them.

Once the spell has been cast, it is important to take action towards achieving one’s financial goals. This can include seeking out new job opportunities, investing in oneself, or finding creative ways to generate income. By taking action and aligning oneself with the energy of money, you can achieve your goals. It’s not guaranteed in any way – of course not! But some tricks really DO work if you use them with right intention.

While spells can help to attract wealth and abundance, they must be combined with practical action to achieve lasting financial success. With the right intention, focus, and effort, anyone can cast a money spell and attract financial abundance into their life.

Witch Casting Money Spells

How to Cast a Bay Leaf Money Spell

Bay leaf is the most magical ingredient in the whole universe. Nothing can match the fortune that it can bring. And if you are having some financial troubles or wish to bring more prosperity, just this single ingredient is enough to change the whole picture. It is the most commonly used spell among Americans to attract money.

The whole idea behind this spell is to let your wishes get into the universe where the mystic forces come together in your favor. You can use bay leaves in different ways for money spells. We will let you know about each of them.

Ingredients required

  • Bay leaf
  • Pen
  • Sage

Procedure 1

  1. Find a quaint place where you can concentrate.
  2. Burn sage to let go of any negative aura around you.
  3. Now write down your wish on the bay leaf with complete faith and determination.
  4. Let the ink dry.
  5. Now burn the bay leaf completely.
  6. Use tongs to hold it properly.
  7. While it burns, picture your wishes going to the farthest corners of the cosmos.

Procedure 2:

  1. Write your wish on a bay leaf and keep it in your wallet.
  2. It attracts wealth, abundance, and prosperity to your money focal point which is the wallet.
  3. It is one of the easy money spells.

Method 3:

  1. Place a green bay leaf in your wallet without writing anything.
  2. Change it when it gets dry.

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How to Cast a Money Bowl Spell

Think of a spell that gets all the powerful elements together and that is a money bowl spell. It not only attracts money but also ensures that it keeps on coming and stays with you. So, it is one of the best money spells. Quick money is often dubbed as flying away as quickly as they come. But with this spell, it will stay with you for a long time.

It can be used for both home and business. Now this money spell has a lot of variations. We will be telling you about the one that we find most effective.

Let us see how to do this money candle spell.

Required ingredients

  • Brass or copper or gold bowl
  • Golden sesame seeds
  • Sage
  • Cinnamon
  • Citrine crystals
  • Himalayan salt
  • Local currency
  • Bay leaves
  • White paper and pen
  • Green candle

Steps to perform the spell

  1.  Create an altar space.
  2.  Purify the altar space, the money bowl, and your surroundings by burning the sage.
  3. Now, write your wish with the best intention on the piece of paper. Be sure to write it in the present tense as if you already have it.
  4. Place it in the bottom of the bowl.
  5. Put the citrine crystal at the top of the paper and now put all the other ingredients over it.
  6. Light a candle in the middle of the bowl.
  7. Keep on adding the ingredients every day till the bowl is full.
  8. Make sure that the candle is lit every day for a specific time.
  9. When the bowl fills up, take out the money and either keep it in a piggy bank or donate it to someone in need.

How to Cast a New Moon Money Spell

The new moon is always the symbol of regeneration and new beginnings. It is a powerful phase where you channel the moon’s energy toward your goal. Any spell cast during it has the strongest effect. A new moon always sets the tone for the manifestations of desires. It also leads to spiritual and mystical awakenings.

So, if you are thinking of casting effective money spells, just try the new moon spell and see the magic unfold. However, you must take note that money spells that work overnight don’t exist. You have to be patient.

Let us see how to do a new moon money spell.

Required ingredients

  • Prosperity altar
  • Gemstones (emerald, jade, peridot, amazonite )
  • Green candles
  • Sage
  • Pen
  • Check under your name
  • Prosperity herbs, i.e., allspice, cinnamon, clover, ginger, and mint

The Procedure

  1. Eliminate all the negative energy by burning sage.
  2. Decorate your prosperity altar with candles and gemstones.
  3. Burn the green candles in the middle and arrange the gemstones around them.
  4. After that, burn the prosperity herbs.
  5. Fill in the check with your name, amount, and date. It symbolizes that you are open to receiving all the blessings from the divine powers.
  6. Sign on the back of the check.
  7. Wait for the magic to happen. It usually takes a month to show its effects. So, don’t rush for the effects. Keep the check safe with you. If you wish to recast the spell, do it on the next new moon day. Be sure to burn the previous check before that.

How To Cast a Money Spell

How to Make a Money Spell Jar

Money has gained the notoriety of being a material thing. However, that is never the case. It is a sign of flourishing prosperity. When you have enough money with you, you tend to lend a helping hand to others too.

To attract prosperity, you need to channel positive spiritual energy towards yourselves. One of the ways is to do a money jar spell. The whole idea behind a money spell jar is to combine all the powerful spiritual ingredients which will channel prosperity toward your life. The money rituals ask the mystic forces to align with your needs.

Let us see how to make a money spell jar.

Ingredients required

  • A sealed jar
  • Allspice
  • Basil leaves
  • Bay leaves
  • White sugar
  • Gold magnetic sand or magnet
  • A strand of your hair
  • White paper
  • Golden marker
  • Cinnamon
  • Highest denomination of your local currency
  • Green or white candle
  • Sage

The Procedure

  1. Remove all negative energy from the surroundings and the jar by burning sage.
  2. Imagine yourself with all the wealth and write it down with a golden marker on white paper.
  3. Place your hair strand on paper and fold it.
  4. Sprinkle white sugar and golden sand in the jar.
  5. Put a magnetic stone on the folded paper and place it inside the jar.
  6. Place all other ingredients with strong affirmation.
  7. Pour a little water.
  8. Cover the jar with white sugar.
  9. Seal it with green candle wax.
  10. Keep it safe inside your house.
  11. Just wait for how the spell manifests itself!


Magic, or wizardry, as some love to call it, is not merely the combination of some spells or herbs. It is all about the manifestation of your hidden ambitions. The universe operates in its own unique way. Sometimes you fail even after your absolute efforts, while sometimes you win without any preparation. It is not all about your approach to something. It is also about how the mystic powers want your life to turn out.

With the magic spells, you accumulate all the positive vibes and aura around yourself and channel them toward the fulfillment of your goal. So, be sure to cast every spell with the best of your efforts, positive affirmation, and in a positive state of mind. And you are sure to achieve your goal.

The magic spells are meant to channel your inner spirituality to the other existing energies of the cosmos. Performing these spells for constructive things is the best way to get positive results. Often people turn to performing black magic or calling for negative energies for the fulfillment of their goals. They don’t realize that their negativity seeps into their lives, and then it gets tough to get rid of.

And money spells have been used by individuals for centuries to attract and multiply wealth and abundance. These spells are often regarded as a form of spiritual intervention to help individuals manifest their financial desires. The four best money spells discussed in this article, which include the New Moon Money Spell, the Bay Leaf Money Spell, the Money Spell Jar, and the Money Bowl Spell, are effective ways to boost your finances. However, it is essential to note that while money spells can be helpful, it is crucial to continue working wisely and make good financial decisions.


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