Psychic Readings Near Me: How To Find The Best Psychic In Your Area

Looking for a reliable psychic near me? We’ve compiled the best online psychic reading platforms. Learn about the top psychic sites and pick the best fit.

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Psychics near me give you an exclusive opportunity to take a deeper dive into the world of spiritual practices and rituals and get the answer to the desired questions. People who are in search of clarity in their life more often approach psychics and tarot readers near me to get insightful advice or ways to solve their issues. Due to special abilities, psychic advisors can lift the curtain of an unfamiliar word and show you the right direction on how to deal with your life vicissitudes.

Currently, more and more spiritual practice seekers approach psychic reading near me available online. Nowadays, using the services of dedicated websites has multiple advantages. Aside from benefiting from numerous discounts, you can see how much you will pay for the session and choose the best match among the specialists. Once you join a psychic reading online platform, you will have an opportunity to read the experts’ bios, learn the prices and pick the most suitable paying options. Moreover, there is no need to spend your time riding to the office and overpaying for the services. As the practice shows, online psychic reading sites set more affordable prices compared to local services.

Want to learn more about the peculiarities of spiritual practices and select the most suitable psychic website? Then you will need to read this article to the very end. Learn about the advantages of online services, the most optimal ways to find a reliable platform, and discover the reviews of the top contenders currently available online. While having this information at hand, you will certainly bring your experience to the notch.

Best psychics sites for accurate readings

Discover the best psychic reading websites for a smooth start to your spiritual adventure.

  • Kasamba — Best website for love tarot readings and other spiritual readings
  • Keen — A reliable website with multiple free perks
  • Mysticsense — Accurate psychic reading sessions with multiple means of communication
  • Oranum — One of the most outstanding psychic websites with a video chat option
  • AskNow — A convenient website to chat with psychics while being on the move
  • Kasamba—First-class online psychic readers 

Kasamba is a popular website that incorporates an extensive database oftop online psychics that specialize in different life niches. Starting with fortune telling and ending with tarot card readings — this platform will certainly help you achieve all your life goals.

📧Year of foundation 1999
👥Number of psychics 200+
🧑‍🤝‍🧑Monthly visits 751.1K
💲Average price per minute $1.69-$25.49 per minute
🔥Special offer Get free 3 minutes or 15% for the first session

Pricing and discounts

If you want to make the most out of accurate yet cheap psychics, feel free to approach Kasamba. Here you can choose the expert up to your needs and price preferences. Overall, the rates for chat and phone psychic readings may vary from $1.69-$25.49 per minute. The prices may depend on the expertise and experience of an advisor. Moreover, chat psychics always set lower prices compared to those who communicate with clients via phone.

When it comes to discounts, Kasamba hits the market. As a newcomer, you can make the most out of 3 free minutes or a 15% discount for the first psychic reading online. The site also treats its regular users with generous discounts. Thus, you can get multiple coupons or promotions in your email. Get a deeper insight into the pricing policy of the site in thisKasamba review. Here you can find even more useful information about this website.

Customer experience

Whether you want to take advantage of online medium reading or other types of spiritual practices, you can rely on Kasamba. All you need is to create an account on the website, choose the type of online psychic readings, and the advisor engaged in a particular niche. It is possible to choose between the experts who are online or schedule the meeting — everything is designed for the convenience of the user.

It is worth mentioning that Kasamba is a much-discussed site on such reputable review platforms as TrustPilot. It has a 4.2 rating and almost 700 reviews from real customers. The majority of them mention that the experts deliver accurate readings and are very clear in their explanations. The users say that psychic advisors have special abilities that are ready to help regardless of the issue people may experience.

The customers recommend asking general questions and trying multiple advisors before choosing the best match. Besides, newcomers are happy with free online psychic reading minutes and a generous discount for the first session. There are numerous returning users who are looking for peace in their minds and effective solutions. By the way, the majority of clients opt for a tarot card reading to have a glimpse of their future.


Learn some advantages of the site to better understand whether it lives up to your needs.

  • Accurate psychic predictions
  • Free psychic questions for 3 minutes
  • Frequent discounts for regular users
  • Experienced and attentive experts
  • Satisfaction Guarantee


Like all psychic reading websites, Kasamba has its drawbacks. You can also study them to make a formal decision.

  • A bit cluttered interface
  • The satisfaction guarantee works only for the first session
  • Could be more fortune tellers on the site

Keen—Find your clarity with an effective psychic reading online

If you are on the lookout for a psychic or medium near me, you should definitely approach Keen. This website has everything for its clients to achieve a first-class experience. It is possible to choose between multiple types of cheap psychic readings that may change your life for the better.

📧Year of foundation 1999
👥Number of psychics 500+
🧑‍🤝‍🧑Monthly visits 1,9M
💲Average price per minute $1.99-$30 per minute
🔥Special offer First 3 minutes for free or $1.99 for 10 minutes

Pricing and discounts

Although Keen has a high level of credibility among psychic websites, it still provides a flexible pricing policy. The prices for psychic reading services vary from $1.99 to $30 per minute. It is worth mentioning that chat, call, and mail have different price brackets. There is no need to avail of any subscription types since you can pay only for those services you use. You can always benefit from multiple freebies such as daily horoscopes and informative articles from the best experts.

The website also provides multiple discounts for newcomers. You can avail of 3 minutes of free communication with psychics online or pay only $1.99 for 10 minutes. On top of that, there is a Refer-a-Friend program. You can invite a friend to the site and get $50 on insightful psychic reading services of your choice. Discover more about special offers on the website in thisKeen psychic review.

Customer experience

Keen provides a bevy of types of spiritual readings that will suit even the pickiest users. Clairvoyant psychics, dream interpretation, mediumship — this is just a glimpse of services you can use. Most users address Keen experts to solve the issues related to work, family affairs, love, significant deceased others, and pregnancy. There are also numerous clients who want to derive advantage of numerology readings and astrology.

Keen is a verified company with a decent rating and more than 400 reviews on TrustPilot. In their testimonials, the user describes their spiritual reading experiences and the specialists they have approached. The clients note that the experts give accurate predictions and are pleasant to talk to. Most novice users enjoy the welcome offer and find it very helpful when it comes to testing the site’s features.

Some users pay special attention to responsive customer service. It is worth mentioning that the Keen team responds to all the reviews on TrustPilot, which proves that this site cares about its reputation and the user’s satisfaction. There are also multiple returning users that address the best psychics on the site. The most popular psychic types on the platform are tarot, mediumship, and astrology readings.


Keen boasts numerous positives that allow users to enjoy their experience on the site to the fullest.

  • Generous offer for newly registered users
  • Refer-a-Friend program that gives additional bonuses
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Multiple categories of psychic readings
  • A lot of positive testimonials


It is also worth mentioning the negatives available on the site.

  • Could be more options for free psychic reading online
  • Some psychic mediums may deliver different information
  • A few options for searching for the best psychic reader

Mysticsense—Open up all the secrets of the psychic reading world on the site

Those who are in search of effective guidance related to love questions, life issues, or career boosts can approach Mysticsense. This website contains a database of the best psychics who specialize in different life spheres. Whether you are inclined to video, phone, or chat psychic reading, you will certainly find a professional who will help you accomplish all your goals.

📧Year of foundation 2020
👥Number of psychics 200+
🧑‍🤝‍🧑Monthly visits 153.5K
💲Average price per minute $0.99 – $5 per minute
🔥Special offer Enjoy 5 free psychic reading online minutes for your first session

Pricing and discounts

Despite the rich spectrum of features, Mysticsense has a moderate pricing policy. Overall, you will need to pay from $0.99 to $5 per minute for psychic readings. The prices may vary depending on the means of communication you use and the rating of an expert you approach. Thus, video and phone psychics set higher prices compared to those who deliver their services via chat.

The bragging point of the platform is that you can achieve a high-quality online psychic reading for as much as $1 per minute. Not every dedicated platform can boast such cheap psychic reading sessions while delivering first-class quality. By the way, if you have just joined the site, take advantage of 5 free psychic reading online minutes for your first spiritual practice.

Customer experience

If you want to find a top-tier psychic reading near your place, pay attention to Mysticsense. This site has everything to provide first-class services even to the pickiest users. Even though there are a lot of cheap psychics, they deliver excellent services, and hundreds of positive reviews are the best proof of that.

Mysticsense has just a wow 4.9 rating onTrustPilot and approximately 700 reviews. The certified company hits the market with authentic services, responsive customer support, and top psychic readers that can find the right approach regardless of the issues the clients have. The majority of customers who leave their reviews note that Mysticsense delivers excellent value per money and has a user-centered approach.

On top of that, Mysticsense is 1 out of 3 best companies and 1 out of 2 best services in the categoryPsychic in the category Astrologer on Trustpilot. Tarot readings, mediumship, and palm psychic readings are the most sought-after services on the platform. Multiple users are happy with a support team. Even if the users have any questions or concerns, they quickly get all their questions answered.


Mysticsense has multiple positive features. Carefully study all of them to see whether the platform can fulfill your needs.

  • 5 free psychic love reading minutes for the first session
  • Multiple categories to choose from
  • High-quality yet cheap psychic reading practices
  • Video means of communication
  • Convenient search of online psychics near me


You will hardly find a platform that doesn’t have any drawbacks. Mysticsense have also some aspects that require improvement.

  • Small database of online psychics
  • No mobile app
  • Not all psychics and fortune tellers are available in video chats

Oranum—Get spiritual reading online in several clicks

If you are on the lookout for a psychic near me, open now Oranum. This site is a treasure trove of information when it comes to psychic readings and other spiritual practices. Aside from providing numerous tutorials, it offers free psychics streams for the clients to better understand how everything works. Palm reading, astrology, numerology, Eastern practices — this is just a glimpse of what you can take advantage of when approaching Oranum.

📧Year of foundation 1999
👥Number of psychics 300+
🧑‍🤝‍🧑Monthly visits 571.7K
💲Average price per minute $0.39 – $9.99 per minute
🔥Special offer
  • Free chat with your psychic before you buy a package
  • $9.99 in free credits for registration
  • 10,000 for card validation

Pricing and discounts

The pricing policy on Oranum is rather clear. The platform uses special currency — coins, for paying for the services. You can choose one of the available packages to contact famous psychics on the site and make the most out of your sessions.

  • 227,000 coins (91,000 Bonus) — €479.99
  • 107,000 coins (39,000 Bonus) — €239.99
  • 47,000 coins (13,000 Bonus) — €119.99
  • 22,700 coins (5,700 Bonus) — €59.99
  • 12,700 coins (2,500 Bonus) — €35.99
  • 3,700 coins (300 Bonus) — €11.99
  • 1,700 coins — €5.99

When it comes to bonuses, Oranum also hits the market. Aside from giving additional coins for a package purchase, the platform rewards the newcomers with $9.99 in free coins. Also, it is possible to get 10K coins after you validate your credit card.

Customer experience

Oranum is one of the largest spiritual communities in the world, which stands out from the contenders due to its numerous features. First off, there is no need to pay until you ensure the abilities of a particular psychic orfortune teller online. You can view live sessions of experts to see how they work and what they offer. Moreover, as a newcomer, you can have free psychic readings before you buy a package. Not many online psychic reading sites can provide such a generous offer.

Another perk for newly registered users is getting free coins upon registration and account validation. Oranum is also a great psychic source with tons of useful information dedicated to spiritual practices. Each expert on the site has something to share on their pages. Some tutorials are available free of charge while others require spending credits. Whether you want to devote your sessions to angel card readings, love psychic reading, or dream interpretation, you will certainly find an expert who will fulfill all your needs.

By the way, Oranum has numerous positive reviews on Trustpilot. The users are satisfied with video chat psychic readings and live streams the experts provide. There are also a lot of returning users who use the services of the same specialist. Based on the customer testimonials, medium psychic readings are the most popular on the platform.


Get a deeper insight into the advantages of Oranum psychics readings to decide whether this website can be useful for you.

  • Free live streams to get closer to the best psychics
  • Generous offers for novice users
  • Ability to have a free psychic chat before purchasing a package
  • An extensive library of additional information created by gifted psychics
  • Moderate prices and multiple packages on offer


Oranum psychic readings online also have their negative points. Our team carefully analyzed them to deliver authentic information to our readers.

  • There could be more online psychics
  • Not every expert offers the ability to communicate via a video chat
  • No money-back guarantee

AskNow—A trusted source to find a psychic near you

If you want to avail of the services of clairvoyant readers, numerologists, astrologists, or other chat psychics, feel free to register your account on AskNow. This website positions itself as the nation’s premier psychic source with a decent database of specialists and top-firing services. Here, you can get in touch with phone psychics and get insightful guidelines in a matter of several minutes.

📧Year of foundation 2005
👥Number of psychics 400+
🧑‍🤝‍🧑Monthly visits 270.9K
💲Average price per minute $5.99 – $13.99 per minute
🔥Special offer
  • 5 free Elite/Master minutes

Introductory Packages:

  • 30 Minutes for $30
  • 20 Minutes for $20

Pricing and discounts

To achieve psychic predictions on AskNow, you will need to pay per the duration of your sessions. There aren’t any free psychics on the platform, but you can browse the catalog of available experts and choose the one that suits your budget expectations. All in all, the rates of psychic readers vary from $5.99 to $13.99 per minute.

The decisive factor in distributing the prices between specialists is the rating of a particular advisor. Thus, if you approach a top-rated psychic reader, you will pay from $5.99 to $9.99 per minute. Those who use the services of elite advisors should pay $10-$11.99 per minute. In case you rely on the master, be ready to spend $12-$13.99 per minute.

If you’ve just joined the site, you can make the most out of the introductory packages. Thus, it is possible to purchase 20 minutes for $20 and 30 minutes for $30. Also, there is a whooping offer of 5 free psychic reading minutes to test out the experts and the opportunities of the platform. Moreover, each user can take advantage of a free psychic question with the purchase of an introductory package.

Customer experience

AskNow is a decent contender among those companies that deliver psychic readings online services. From tarot card reading to love spells — here you can achieve the necessary assistance regardless of your spiritual goals. Aside from the positive reviews inside the platform, users say a lot of good things about AskNow on such sites as SiteJabber and TrustPilot.

Hence, a lot of customers have already ensured good psychic reading sessions the expert delivers. They enjoy their experience while having insightful guidelines at hand. Some users recommend approaching particular specialists since they are extremely satisfied with their services. Overall, this psychic website deserves attention, especially if you are on the lookout for a reliable expert who will show you the right direction for overcoming your life obstacles.


Look through the upsides of AskNow in order not to miss any interesting perks.

  • Beneficial introductory packages
  • 5 free psychic reading minutes
  • Well-elaborated mobile app
  • Multiple psychic reading categories to choose from
  • Well-detailed profiles of online psychics


By analyzing the downsides of the platform, you can better understand whether it has a good value for money.

  • A few promotions for regular users
  • A bit outdated interface
  • No searching filters to find the best online psychics

Online vs In-Person psychic readings

If you have already found the best psychic reading near your place, you can still puzzle over the question: “Is it better to approach offline or online psychic reading services?”. This is a matter of concern for numerous spiritual practice seekers. However, the choice of a psychic near you depends only on how you want to communicate with an advisor. Both ways of interacting with a psychic reader have their positive points. Study all of them to choose the right way to dive deeply into the world of the unknown.

Advantages of online psychic sessions

Addressing online psychics has numerous advantages. The most essential pros include:

  • Ability to save money. Unlike those experts who deliver their spiritual services in an office and need to pay a rental fee, online psychic readers don’t have any additional expenses. That is why, usually, their services appear more affordable. Thus, if you take advantage of the readings on dedicated sites, you achieve the same services without overpaying.
  • Convenience. Once you visit a psychic website, you will have an opportunity to change your life right sitting on your couch. There is no need to ride to the other corner of the city to meet a psychic. With the advance in modern technologies, it is possible to have a psychic reading session regardless of the occasion.
  • Easy search. On a dedicated platform, you can choose an expert based on your needs and preferences. Whether you want to address tarot readers or love psychics, you can select the necessary expert just in several clicks.
  • Safety. If you use the services of a reputable psychic source, you can be sure that all your private information is completely secure. There is no need to worry about billing questions or the quality of the sessions. Moreover, all reputable psychic reading sites have a satisfaction guarantee.
  • Frequent discounts and advantageous promotions. The expert who delivers psychic reading near you will hardly please you with generous offers, discounts, and promotions. Typically, online psychic platforms engage newcomers with free minutes and discounts for the first session. You can try the services of a site for free and decide whether it works for you.
  • Ability to read user testimonials. You can always choose a psychic medium platform based on user reviews. It is advisable to analyze reviews not only on the site but on third-party sites such as TrustPilot or SiteJabber.

Advantages of in-person psychics near me

Personal meetings with a spiritual advisor also have multiple benefits. Learn them all to make a formal decision.

  • Face-to-face interaction. Sometimes an in-person conversation with a psychic medium makes a big difference, especially if you are going to catch every single word the expert says. Nevertheless, video chats with online psychics may be a perfect replacement for personal meetings, if, for some reason, you can’t access a specialist.
  • Pay for the session. The majority of offline psychic readers set a particular price for the session. Thus, you know for sure how much it will cost you to get insightful advice. However, the time for the in-person session may be a bit limited, so take time to prepare beforehand.
  • Ability to recognize a fake. When you establish contact with a person, you can recognize the signs that identify lies and fraud. However, for some people, it is still difficult to understand whether they use authentic services, so everything depends on the person and situation.

How do online psychic readings work?

There is no need to put much effort into approaching online psychics. Here are brief guidelines on how to achieve a high-quality video, phone or chat psychic reading in a matter of several minutes.

  1. Find a reputable psychic website. You can read expert reviews and user testimonials to choose a reliable platform.
  1. Complete the registration process. Typically, only registered users can access the full bunch of services of psychic websites.
  1. Use the searching options to find the best match among experts. Whether you want tarot card reading or dream interpretation, you can find the best specialist in a niche.
  1. Determine your goals. Consider approaching an expert only with one issue or concern in order to get the most accurate readings possible.
  1. Choose the means of communication. Usually, you can contact a psychic advisor via online chat, phone, email, or video means of conversation.
  1. Use the free perks available on the site and deposit your account to complete the session. While promotional offers will allow you to test the platform out, you will need to purchase a credit package or deposit your account to get the most out of your spiritual experience.

Things to consider when looking for an online psychic

Choosing chat or phone psychics may be a daunting task, especially if you have no idea which website to address. That is why the search for a reliable psychic source is crucial. Here are the top tips that will help you select the right platform and the best match among psychic medium specialists.

  1. Start with researching multiple sites. Read the expert reviews and user testimonials to find the psychic source that will work for you. Your main task here is to determine which reputation a particular platform has.
  1. Study the pricing policy. All experts on dedicated sites set the prices for their services. Make sure the price bracket of the platform corresponds to the features it offers.
  1. Decide on messaging options. If you want to talk to an advisor via phone or video chat, make sure that a certain messaging option is available on the site.
  1. Start the search for a psychic reader. If you want to work with tarot cards or other types of spiritual practices, you should find a suitable expert.
  1. Browse the personal pages of specialists. All psychic and tarot card readers have their profiles with all the information about them described. Just study it and decide whether you want to contact a certain expert.
  1. Schedule the meeting or choose the psychic reader online. Start your spiritual adventure whenever you want and make the most out of it by preparing all the questions beforehand.

Different types of online psychic readings

There are different types of psychic readings. If you haven’t decided which service to opt for, feel free to study the list below.

  • Astrology readings. Using astrology knowledge, experts can predict forthcoming events or describe the character traits of a particular person.
  • Tarot readings. Tarot card readers use tarot cards to interpret the image. They can analyze past, present, and future events. Tarot readings are one of the most popular practices on dedicated sites.
  • Numerology. Numbers can reveal a lot of things, even those that ordinary people can’t see. Numerologists work with numbers and can predict numerous events using special techniques.
  • Clairvoyance. Those gifted people who are engaged in clairvoyance don’t usually use any tools but rely on their senses and intuition. They work with energies and can give accurate psychic predictions.


How can an online psychic reading help? 

If you experience life issues or have questions about your career, approaching spiritual experts may be an effective way out. In case you want to boost your relationships, you can address love psychics. Aside from giving spiritual advice, the experts can show the right direction of how to solve your problems.

How accurate are online psychic sessions? 

If you approach a reputable psychic source and outstanding specialist, you can get accurate readings. However, you should remember that not all psychics can predict the future. Typically, they work with energies and images and can interpret them differently.

What are the top qualities of the best online psychics? 

The best psychics should be honest with their clients, no matter what kind of information they are going to tell. On some websites, you can even pick the reading style, so the expert will talk to you the way you prefer.

How do I prepare for my online psychic reading? 

You will need to open your mind and soul to let the psychic advisor read your energy. Also, it is advisable to prepare questions in advance to save your time and money. Thus, you won’t skip any essential details during your session.

What questions should I ask a psychic reader? 

Try to ask special questions that start with the Wh words. Thus, you can derive more information and determine whether the expert tells you the truth. For example, if you are engaged in a tarot reading, you should ask what events the psychic is talking about.

What can I expect from a spiritual psychic reading session? 

Depending on your goals, you can expect numerous things from the psychic reading session. However, usually, the psychic reader will guide you through your life path and give the most practical solution for all your concerns.

How much do online psychics charge per minute? 

The rates of psychic readers depend on the pricing policy of a particular site, the messaging options, and the expertise of specialists. You can get psychic advice for as much as $1 per minute. However, the rates for spiritual sessions may go up to $30 per minute.

Can I get a free psychic reading online? 

You will hardly get free psychic readings on reputable sites. However, you can make the most out of the free perks each platform provides for its users. Aside from free minutes, it is possible to get substantial discounts for the first session. The freebies may vary depending on the platform of your choice.


Online psychics readings have a lot of advantages over offline spiritual sessions. You can get useful advice from the best specialists just from the comfort of your home. However, to have an effective experience, you will need to find a reliable psychic source. On the sites reviewed above, you can quickly find the best online psychics and get involved in a spiritual practice of your choice. So, if you want to plunge into the world of tarot reading and other mystical rituals, feel free to select the platform that works for you.