Shuffling Tarot Cards – Unlocking the Mystery

There is an art and a mystery in the knowledge about how to shuffle tarot cards. It’s a skill that can be honed and perfected with practice, but even for those who are experts in the craft, there’s always something new to learn! Let’s explore some of the secrets of tarot-card shuffling with 2Spirits – as well as some methods you can use to shuffle your cards like a pro.

Shuffling Tarot Cards

How Do Tarot Cards Work?

There are 78 cards in the Tarot deck, each one with unique imagery, symbolism, and narrative. The 56 Minor Arcana cards symbolize the struggles we face on a daily basis, while the 22 Major Arcana cards represent the karmic and spiritual teachings we learn in life.

There are 16 Tarot Court Cards in the Minor Arcana, which correspond to the 16 various personality characteristics we may choose to display at any particular time. The Minor Arcana likewise consists of 40 numbered cards, divided into 4 suits of 10 cards each, symbolizing diverse daily circumstances.

What Can I Do With Tarot?

Tarot cards may be viewed by some as little more than ink on paper. But here’s what I’ve learned from daily Tarot card reading for more than 20 years. The tarot is our life’s narrative, a window into our soul, and a key to our inner knowing.

The seventy-eight Tarot cards include every spiritual lesson we encounter during our lives. Additionally, the Tarot will reveal to us the specific lessons we must study and master in order to lead an inspired life. It’s similar to looking in a mirror so you can see your own reflection and access the inner subconscious. Tarot cards give us a way to access the knowledge and solutions we all possess. And after that knowlegde is gained, you can manifest more effectively and precisely.

But if you want this stuff to work, you will need to learn how to shuffle tarot properly. It’s not that easy, be sure. There are various shuffles – some of them are basic, some – very complicated. Also, the shuffling method depends on the deck that you have. But anyway, some principles are suitable for all kinds of Tarot decks.

The Four-Card Shuffle

How to shuffle tarot for beginners? This is one of the most basic ways to shuffle your tarot deck. Start by dividing your deck into four piles, then pick up each pile and mix them together. This process creates randomness and helps to break up any patterns that may have formed in your deck during previous readings or shuffles. Be sure to take your time when mixing the piles together so that you get an even distribution of cards throughout the deck.

The Seven-Card Shuffle

This method requires more patience than the four-card shuffle, but it can be very effective if you want to create more randomness in your reading. Start by dividing your deck into seven piles, then take one card from each pile and mix them together. This process can be repeated several times until all cards are evenly distributed throughout the deck. If done correctly, this method will ensure that no two readings will ever be exactly alike!

The Overhand Shuffle

This is perhaps one of the most popular methods used by tarot readers when shuffling their decks. Start by holding the deck in one hand with all of your fingers except for your thumb.. Then use your thumb to “burp” out small packets of cards while shifting them around with your other hand at the same time. Once you have drawn out all of the cards from the bottom half of the deck, start at the beginning again until all cards are mixed up thoroughly!

The Bottom Line

Well, now you know how to shuffle tarot cards and can try all these methods. You may be just starting out with tarot readings. Or you’re an experienced reader looking for ways to refine their technique. Anyway, learning how to properly shuffle and mix up tarot cards can help you. It can lead to unlocking greater insight and potential from each reading session. With enough practice and dedication, anyone can master these methods and become a true expert at shuffling their tarot decks! So don’t be afraid to experiment – who knows what secrets of the future can you reveal?


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