2 Spirits Reports

Winter 2012, The Sacred Fire, Time Capsule Edition

Spring 2009 Edition, Sacredfire Newsletter

Summer 2009 Edition, Sacredfire Newsletter

Fall 2008 Edition, SacredFire Newsletter

Winter 2008 Edition, Sacredfire Newsletter

October 3, 2005 – March 30, 2006, Gaagiigidok Ogokwek Project Report


2005, Aboriginal AIDS Awareness Day Report


Fall 2005, Sacred Fire Newsletter


2003, 15th Annual 2-Spirit Gathering Report


Traditional Zapoteco Transgendered Roles


Development of Resources on Aboriginal Two Spirit People and Domestic Violence


Youth Migration Project


A Study: 2-Spirit Men Who Use ASO’s vs Those Who Do Not


2 Spirits Organizational Capacity-Building Pilot Project


Volunteer Retention Study


We Are Part of A Tradition


Presentation to Wahta First Nation Postive Living with HIV


Addressing Homophobia in Relation to HIV/AIDS in Aboriginal Communities


Voices of 2 Spirited Men