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HIV/AIDS Prevention Initiative for Two Spirit Men

Project Start Date: February 22, 2005 Completion Date: December 31, 2006

The HIV/AIDS Prevention Initiative for Two Spirit Men will analyze the social marketing aspect of HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns/strategies, etc. to determine if there is an impact amongst Two Spirit Men.

The Two Spirit community was hit hard by HIV infections in the first wave of the epidemic in Canada. Today, Two Spirit men are still acquiring HIV infections at alarming rates. Also, there are a large number of long-term survivors. There have been discussions on the impact of prevention campaigns/strategies targeting Two Spirit men, but there has been no project to further explore these concerns.

By December 31, 2006, to increase the knowledge of effective HIV/AIDS social marketing strategies for Two Spirit Men among health and social service providers to Two Spirit Men in Canada.

Our Responsibilities

2-Spirited People of the 1st Nations has hired a consultant for the project. The consultant will be given advice and direction from an advisory committee. The consultant will be responsible for training of advisory committee members, collection of HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns, conducting a baseline analysis on what knowledge is already out there. Preparing an evaluation plan, preparing a draft plan for social marketing analysis, confirming Elders for focus groups, preparation and recruitment of participants for six (6) focus groups during the first fiscal year, working with Ontario Aboriginal HIV/AID Strategy workers to identify and train Elders and host sites for each of the six (6) focus groups.

Also we provided the analysis of social marketing to gauge the effectiveness of HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns and identification of behavioural change amongst Two Spirit men, prepare a Best Practice document with recommendations and suggestions for Aboriginal communities/organizations providing programs and services for Aboriginal Two Spirit men. The consultant will develop a dissemination/distribution plan, distribute the Best Practice Document and conduct evaluation follow-up activities by contacting organizations that have received the document.

Prior to each focus group, the consultant will distribute materials and resources to participants, including information on: harm reduction for two spirit survival sex (sex trade), microbicides, barebacking as an emerging trend, posters/materials on HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns/strategies and honest messages to Aboriginal two spirit youth.

This project will reach Two Spirit Men through focus group participation in Aquarius, Thunder Bay, London, Sudbury, Ottawa, Toronto and Hamilton. At each of the focus groups, the consultant will prepare an agenda, presentation of Aboriginal HIV/AIDS prevention materials, focus group discussions, and opportunities to provide recommendations, evaluation survey and social marketing feedback.

What Will The Consultant Do

The consultant will conduct a baseline analysis on what knowledge already exists on effective social marketing techniques for Two Spirit men. He or she will prepare a framework for the project evaluation and will seek advice from the advisory committee.

The consultant distribute a draft of the Best Practice document and will prepare surveys and telephone interviews for the organizations that have received the draft document to determine what they intend to do with it, on how it can/will inform their future work with this population and whether or not it has increased their knowledge of effective social marketing strategies for Two Spirit Men.

The Best Practice document will be distributed to Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal agencies providing programs and services to Two Spirit men stating the social marketing results of the HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns/strategies. The report will provide an opportunity for these agencies to adopt, adjust and/or implement recommendations contained in the report on appropriate HIV/AIDS prevention/campaigns/strategies.

This project will provide a Best Practice document that will be distributed to Aboriginal organizations to recommend policies and procedures directed at establishing or improving HIV/AIDS prevention services and programs for Two Spirit men living with HIV/AIDS.

For further information, contact 2-Spirited People of the 1st Nations, email address: [email protected]

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